Bark Limited


Barks aim through their behavioural work is to create a more biddable dog and a greater bond between you and your dog, through all stages of their lives. Bark do not judge, just simply guide and help owners and their pets to make the most of their times together.  Bark believe pet ownership should not be classed as a chore but as an advantage to our lives. Barks passion lies with rescue dogs and adolescent dogs and their road in rehabilitation. This came from their own rescue dog, Scrumpy. He has shown them that with hard work, dedication and the building of a strong bond that you can enjoy a rescue dog just as much, and in their eyes more, as a puppy!!

Chrysalis to Butterfly announced the redesign and move over to WordPress of Bark Limited in January 2017.

We have been working with Zoe at Bark since she launched her business in 2015, we designed her logo and built her original website utilising .net and our own custom Content Management System, however in the past couple of years we have found that we can offer clients far better hosting deals and get their sites up and running faster by using WordPress technology.

When Zoe came to us asking for some address information to be changed on her original site we talked about a move to WordPress and a “freshening up” of the overall styling. We now have a lovely new website up and running with a clean mobile friendly design!

The new website provides Zoe with more flexibility when updating her website, adding news stories, changing photos and posting Facebook photos, we have even set up the gallery so it pulls through the photos from the Bark Limited Facebook page!