Dog Games Limited


Dog Games is the home to the Perfect Harness; the ultimate dog walking harness! Not only do Dog Game sell the Perfectfit Harness, but they invented it too! Their team have a wealth of knowledge in dog behaviour, training, and of course their products and they regularly attend Crufts and other Dog events.

Chrysalis to Butterfly originally started working with Dog Games back in November 2013 when we were approached about a possible Perfectfit Harness application for their website, but we were unable to produce the final product due to workload. We did however provide free consultation in the form of a Project Proposal that detailed all of the required functionality, functionality wire framing, a UML analysis, a database design and also a quotation so that they would have an idea of the budget required for the work.

Our ethos here at Chrysalis To Butterfly is that if we cannot carry out the work ourselves for whatever reason we will always try to do something to help you out, even if it is recommending somebody else to do the work or a bit of free consultation to get you started, and this is how our business relationship started with Dog Games.

So fast forward to December 2016. Whilst training in Xamarin throughout 2016 we remembered the Perfectfit application for their website and we thought we would try building elements of it in a mobile scenario for a bit of fun and good practice (you should always practice!), before we knew it we had a pretty decent alpha build and we presented this to them to see what they thought and if they would potentially find it useful. They liked it and further development work commenced in order to build it into a complete application which you can now download for free on iTunes and Google Play.

You can find out more about Dog Games on their website here, and more about the Perfectfit Harness mobile application here.