Giclée Printing Services

Giclée Printing Services provide a quality and competitive service ranging from Giclée Fine Art printing on archival papers and canvas.

Giclée Printing Services is a database driven content managed web site and complete redesign from scratch of the existing static website. We designed and built this website back in January 2014.

This project included the design and architecture of the backend CMS database, data and business logic layers to not only display, but write and update content.

The MVC5 application was designed and built in such a way that all content on the website is dynamically built from the backend CMS database, meaning that anyone who wishes too can create and manage their own website using our custom built CMS.

The front end utilises the new scaffolding options and the latest Bootstrap 3 framework available in MVC5; this also adopted a code-first methodology.

Technologies used: SQL 2012, MVC5, JQuery,, HTML5, Entity Framework 6, Bootstrap Framework 3, Azure Hosting, Azure Blob Storage.