K2 blackpearl

Chrysalis to Butterfly are experts with K2 blackpearl and have been working with K2 Sourcecode technologies for over seven years.

So what is K2 blackpearl? This can be a quite a tough question to answer as there is so much to it! It is basically a framework that allows you to build business process applications.

That may not sound that different to standard software environments, but the difference is the power and speed that it has. Over the years we have seen it handle some seriously large workflows and manage a lot of users. Including a deployment for an international company that is used all over the world and it handled things without a problem. Rumour has it that a certain technology giant based in Redmond also uses K2 blackpearl, but unfortunately we didn’t help out with that one!

Most business process applications follow a workflow, and K2 blackpearl allows you to build workflows very quickly, what’s more is that there is a workflow management system that looks after this and provides you with controls to administer live workflows.

K2 blackpearl is not all about workflows though, it also contains SmartObjects which allow developers to combine different sources of data and deliver it back to the application via one re-usable query, once created this can simply be bolted into your workflow or SmartForm.

Which brings us onto SmartForms! This technology comes bundled with K2 blackpearl and allows you to create forms (web pages) quickly and easily that can interact with your SmartObjects (data sources) and your workflows.

If you would like to learn more, and there is a lot more, please head on over to k2.com!

Our particular expertise lies with the K2 Management API, allowing us to take full control of K2 technologies from within a .net application. Most K2 projects have traditionally been SharePoint, and nowadays SmartForms applications thanks to the ability to get a project up and running quickly. 90% of the time SharePoint or SmartForms applications are ideal, but Chrysalis To Butterfly have always loved a challenge and it’s those rare custom .net solutions that we love and have allowed us to hone our K2 skills over the years!

Our K2 projects have included simple approval workflows through to automated accounts payable systems and enterprise level business systems that are the backbone of entire departments! We have even trained software development teams in K2 to get them up to speed with its use.

We have the skills in K2 to mentor development teams, advise upon business process and workflow design, assist with server deployment, and develop complete custom .net applications, Smart Form appications and SharePoint applications.