Lee Morris Art

Lee Morris focuses on simple subjects to discover their alternative character through a idealistic view of the world. Art enables Lee to share this perception with others. Lee perceives art as a great communicator, whether it makes us stop and think or just puts a smile on our face.

Undertaken in January 2015 this was primarily a consultancy project on the design, layout and use of a Big Cartel site. The project involved restyling an existing Big Cartel theme so that pieces of art were organised within collections rather than types of products into categories; something that Big Cartel is not set up to do by default.

The layout was remodelled to the clients needs and steps were taken to ensure that the design was responsive and still made logical sense when viewed on a mobile device.

Finally social media links were integrated subtly in order to flow with the design of the site.

Technologies used: CSS3, HTML5, Big Cartel, JavaScript.