Mobile Application Development

Chrysalis To Butterfly can offer Mobile Application Development for all Apple, Android and Windows devices, it may not even be a native application (running on the device) that you require, but a mobile friendly website instead, we can advise on this!

We have experience with all three major app stores; iTunes, Google Play and Windows. However we can also advise on how to setup your application for internal distribution.

In the past we have worked directly in the mobile applications coding language, but we now use Xamarin technology in order to target all three platforms.

What is Xamarin? Xamarin is a cross platform framework that targets Apple iOS and OSX, Android and Windows development. When Microsoft acquired Xamarin in February 2016 and launched membership via MSDN, Chrysalis To Butterfly immediately jumped on board with Xamarin Studio as it is a superb way to develop mobile applications across all three major platforms; Apple iOS, Android and Windows. After a lot of learning and test projects Chrysalis To Butterfly have recently taken on their first major client using this technology and feel confident that we can now offer this as a service.

Why Xamarin? Previously Chrysalis To Butterfly would develop a mobile application using Objective-C and Swift (Apple), Java (Android) and C# (Windows). This would mean three different projects if you wanted to target all three platforms. With Xamarin we can create one solution written in C# that will target all three platforms, this saves us a lot of time and money which means we can get your application off the ground for you for less money and faster than before!