.net Software Development

Chrysalis to Butterfly are experts within the .net development environment, with our speciality being ASP.net with MVC.

We currently work in the following technologies:

  • C# and Visual Basic
  • MVC
  • Entity Framework
  • Web Forms or Classic ASP.net
  • SQL Server
  • Web Services and WCF
  • JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3.
  • SSIS and SSRS
  • Visual Studio
  • Team Foundation Server
  • SharePoint
  • WPF

As well as the above technologies we follow Agile methodologies, including SCRUM and Sprint planning. We are also familiar with TDD and Unit Code testing which we use when necessary.

So what sort of applications can we write? Anything from a simple advertising website through to a large database driven websites with custom content management systems. Windows applications in WPF, server objects, web services, applications that require encryption (NHS practices), capital expenditure systems, administrative workflows, international applications that have used globalisation, reporting services, and many more!

In the past we have managed development teams, led projects (including for local government), mentored developers, and we keep our skills fully up to date!

We have over eleven years of commercial experience in Microsoft technologies that originally started with Visual Basic 6 if anybody remembers this?!

However we swiftly moved onto ASP.net 3.0 and worked heavily with Silverlight 2.0 for a while, gaining notoriety on the old Silverlight forums for creating a dynamic data library that could recognise a data type and display it formatted correctly on a grid without the developer having to specify what data type it was (seriously cutting edge at the time!). Our crowning achievement was short lived though as a year later Microsoft released Silverlight 3.0 that did exactly what our beautifully written library did!


After this we moved into Classic ASP.net or Web Forms as it is commonly known earning two accolades for our work with the local County Council, but as soon as MVC arrived we quickly adopted this and have been primarily working with this technology ever since!