Perfectfit Harness Iphone, iPad and Android App

Introducing the Perfectfit Harness iPhone and Android application!

This application allows you to search and select your dog breed and then enter the girth measurement in either centimetres or inches in order to receive a recommended Perfectfit Harness size combination.


Once the application has loaded tap to select the breed where indicated and this will bring up the search screen:



You can either scroll through the list or you can start to type the name of your breed in the search box at the top of the screen. Once you have found your breed just tap on it to select it.


Now enter your dogs girth measurement in either centimetres or inches, the default is centimetres, but if you want to enter it in inches simply tap where the screen says “Centimetres” and select “Inches” instead.

Finally before clicking submit please tell us if your dog is under 18 months old, if not simply leave the field as it is and tap submit, but if it is then tap where the screen say “No” and select “Yes” instead and then tap on submit.


If we have a recommendation based upon your dog breed and measurements then a list of harness combinations shall be displayed for you. Tap on any of these links to be taken directly to the product page on your web browser for you to order.

If no recommendations are available then a message shall be displayed explaining so with contact details of the dog games team who will be able to provide you with a more specific recommendation for your needs.

If you wish to contact the dog games team for a specific recommendation they can be called on (+44) 01684 569553 or emailed at or visit their website for more information at


For all of you iPhone and iPad users download the Perfectfit Harness for iPhone and iPad.

For all of you Android users download the Perfectfit Harness app on Google Play.


Perfectfit Harness Application Privacy Policy.

For any technical issues or feature requests you would like to make please contact Chrysalis To Butterfly Limited at or using our application support form below: